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In recent times permanent makeup has become extremely popular. It would not be wrong to say that it has become mainstream. Almost every other woman who has the cash and is not afraid of the needle if opting for permanent makeup at the aesthetician’s studio.

Despite the name, permanent makeup is not exactly permanent, but it does save a lot of time. It takes nearly an hour to do your makeup and complete your skincare routine before you head out of the house, but with permanent makeup, you would not have to use your blender or your brow definer and draw your brows every single day! You wake up with your makeup all set.

Permanent makeup is nothing but tattooing on your face. You are simply getting inked on your face. There are different types of permanent makeup like microblading, lip blushing etc.

Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing

With lip blushing, you attain permanent lip colour whether it is a soft pink or a nude colour. Most of the clients generally tend to go for softer pinks and nude colours when it comes to permanent lip pigmentation.

Lip pigmentation happens to be quite painful because lips are the most sensitive part of our skin. So, this procedure can be quite painful for those individuals who cannot withstand pain.

The process also involves the rotary pen that is used in microblading but with a different configuration of needles. The aesthetician or the doctor will inject some numbing agent or use a numbing cream to numb the lips before proceeding.

It takes around 2 hours to complete the process. The lips tend to be darker in colour initially but the colour fades in a matter of a few days. Since you are being injected with needles there will always be a risk of infection. Patients will experience swelling soon after the procedure.

Lip blushing costs around $700 to $3000. The cost of the lip blushing depends on the doctor and the amount of area.

Permanent Eyeliner

People that like thicker lash linework of a darker eyelash line, they can opt for a permanent eyeliner look. The process is the same as the ones stated above.

Colour is deposited into the lash line to create a darker fuller look. The majority of the clients opt for a natural eyeliner but you can opt for a cat-eye or even coloured eyeliner. Brown eyeliner is also very popular among very fair-skinned individuals.

You don’t need to commit a long time to get permanent eyeliner. The whole process takes around 1.5 hours. It can cost as low as $600 or as high as $1500.

Although there is no downtime, patients are advised not to wear eye makeup for 3 days. You must stay away from mascara at all cost for three whole days.

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