Microneedling Radio Frequency

Microneedling Radio Frequency is a customized dermal remodeling treatment that helps combat the signs of aging in all skin types. It is a novel technology that provides a combined fractional radio frequency (RF) and microneedling treatment all in one device. As in traditional microneedling treatments, small needles are used to penetrate the skin of the area to be treated. The depth of the needle is precisely controlled by the robotic arm of the device and set by the provider. The micro-needles then precisely deliver RF energy into the depths of the skin. Microneedling RF is designed to stimulate collagen faster and more effectively than the traditional methods of microneedling.

The combined duo gives patients faster results than each technology alone. The delivery of fractionated radiofrequency using a 64pin microneedling tip, allows us to treat skin of all colors. There is less bulk heating and skin surface trauma, while concentrating the energy to the dermis. The dermal layer is where new collagen and elastin are produced. A minimum of four treatments spaced one month apart is required to see optimum results, however sometimes more treatments may be recommended.

Treatment strength and depth will be tailored to address a patient’s individual concerns such as; fine lines, loss of elasticity, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, scars and stretch marks.