What makes UNDO Non-Laser Tattoo Removal different from other tattoo removal systems?

UNDO Tattoo Removal

If you are interested in lightening or removing permanent scalp micro-pigmentation, makeup and body tattoos of small or medium sizes, then a new effective range of products have been established by Estetiq International. If you adopt this method, you would be able to remove the permanent tattoos easily from your skin without harming it. This is UNDO Non-Laser tattoo removal product that contain natural and safe ingredients free from harsh acids and saline. Thus, they are not at all harsh on the skin. There has been extensive testing and research for the development of these products. Certain clinical tests have been conducted and the UNDO Non-Laser tattoo removal products have come out to be successful in all the trials.

What makes UNDO Non-Laser Tattoo Removal different from the other tattoo removal techniques?

The UNDO Non-laser tattoo removal is a product that contains only natural ingredients. The majority of the other tattoo removal products contains saline, lasers, acids and several other harmful ingredients. UNDO contains natural ingredients and has passed EU testing in a certified medical lab.

This product is made up of the highest quality of natural ingredients in the country of South Korea which is also a global leader in mask and skincare technologies.

The progressive technology and also the superior ingredients behind Korean research are undeniably the most advanced and innovative as compared to certain Western brands. Korean technology is said to be around 12-14 years ahead of the U.S. when it comes to skincare technology, as per a survey and verdict by Grazia Magazine.

The technology behind the UNDO Non-Laser tattoo removal system

UNDO is a proven three-step non-laser tattoo removal system that is safely designed to remove the pigment and ink colors from any kind of skin, no matter whatever be the tone of the skin.

Step 1: Deracination Serum

The UNDO non-laser tattoo removal system contains a deracination serum that has an effective mix of ingredients that are naturally active like bentonite and extracts of the aloe leaf. There are also parts of sodium hyaluronate in hydrolyzed form. All these ingredients are effective in waking up the dormant and old ink from the skin and pull it up to the surface. This procedure is also simultaneously effective in hydrating the skin from beneath & also improves the overall elasticity of the skin with very minimal scar tissue left behind.

Step 2: Lifting the Clay Mask

The ingredient of clay mask has a very unique composition that pretends to at like a magnet and attracts the charged toxins negatively and also attracts the additional ink (if any) brought to the skin’s surface during the procedure of Deracination. There are proofs that the people in human society had been prevalently using calcium bentonite for several centuries for detoxifying the body and to improve the overall skin tone.

Step 3: Healing micronutrient mask

The healing masks help in quicker healing with smoother skin and without any kind of scar tissue. This enables us to cut down on the recovery time after the treatments and also shorten the time of healing. This process takes typically four weeks instead of six to eight weeks in other procedures. The healing process also includes the special TissueX technology that is the first-ever Transdermal Drug Delivery System that conveniently can deliver the benefits of the treatment to the skin.

What are the advantages of UNDO Non-Laser Tattoo Removal over other techniques?

The major advantages of UNDO non-laser tattoo removal are:

  • Lesser number of sessions required – The laser tattoo removal technique is one of the prevalently used technique but it has several downsides. One of the major and notable downsides is the laser tattoo removal is the total number of sessions that are needed to notice visible results. Many clients also have to pay and go through at least twenty sessions to just fade a tattoo and not even completely remove the same. UNDO technique has the capacity of removing the unwanted ink in fewer sessions compared to the laser procedures of tattoo removal.
  • Cost-effectiveness – UNDO is effective in fewer sessions and thus are more affordable.
  • Safer than laser tattoo removal – In the procedure of laser removal, the ink of the existing tattoo is broken down and absorbed by the body. Then the lymphatic system of the body removes the ink by excreting the ink from the body by the process of urination. In the procedure of UNDO, the ink is lifted superficially rather than the body absorbing the ink. So, it is certainly a safer process.

The bottom line

The above facts very well mark the differences between the UNDO non-laser tattoo removal and the other prevalent tattoo removal systems and we can easily conclude that the UNDO non-laser technique has several advantages over the others.