Microblading vs Machine Work – Which is worth it?

Microblading vs Machine Strokes

A more enhanced, defined, full eyebrow game is not even a decade old. The fashion industry has developed from high contour looks very simple, nude, and all-natural faces of women in much less time. The entire span is pretty less to confidently say it as an ‘overnight change’, compared to the time the fashion industry would require for the shift.

With the new style statement to make-up and cosmetics, came a lot of research, study, and adaptation to the newborn style. Women preferred to choose the fresh look on their faces because it was clean and comparatively lesser maintenance. Hence, the industry brings permanent style as the real grown-up game. One of the most popular styles that the complete world went gaga on was the clean dewy face, with blush cheeks and defined brows.

Since the onset of the changed game, the eyebrow requirement of women has seen some commendable improvement with the help of dermatology and scientific measures. For example, the ‘Micro-blading’ work on Brows is a solid, safe option to choose. It is for women who prefer to go for a natural-looking brow without brow definer, brow liner, and other eyebrows make-up products.

Another treatment called the ‘machine work’ also works great with visible results for the eyebrow enhancement journey. How it works is by creating artificial eyebrow hair strokes with the help of a professional eyebrow machine (that only a trained professional can handle) along the eyebrow line as the client wants.

For obvious reasons, the two treatments despite being similar have certain dissimilarities in terms of results and lasting effects. If one gives a more defined outcome, the other votes for an entirely different outlook. However, we are going to bring some of the unknown and known facts cum comparisons among the two, so that clients can choose the treatment they would want to have on them. Let’s dive in!

Microblading VS Machine Work

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup solution that replicates natural hair. It was designed to help women’s eyebrow skin have symmetry, density, and shape. The results are so natural that even with no makeup on the face, the eyebrows look real, which is what the entire treatment is all about.

To get more into the details, microblading is a tattooing process done cosmetically to fill thin eyebrows entirely or just where the fillers are necessary. The ultimate result depends totally on the client’s requirement. However, the result duration might not exceed one year because the pigment used here is relatively smaller than what they use for real tattooing procedures.

Some Interesting Facts on Microblading:

  • The professional artist uses a microblade tool with special tattoo needles.
  • The process allows breaking into the skin to leave the ink a few layers inside the skin.
  • There are high chances of getting an infection only if an unprofessional hand with a challenged hygienic condition performs the procedure
  • Microblading is a successful process where results vary depending on the skin type of the client and the professional performing it.

What is Machine Work?

With the help of a very High Definition needle on a specialized cosmetic machine for the tattoo, a professional creates a subtle look on the eyebrow line, creating no scar on the skin surface. In this process, the client will witness almost zero to no damage on the skin surface, having healing time preferably lesser than microblading.

However, Machine work is a fresher in the world of semi-permanent makeup solutions, and owing to the natural results, it has no plan to leave the show.

Some Interesting Facts on Machine Work:

  • It uses a digital device to apply the pigment to the skin
  • Choosing a professional artist to perform machine work in a preferable environment will make the result last from 2 years to 5 years
  • An excellent method for dry to normal skin type women, as it holds the pigment better in compared to oily skin type

Which one to choose – Microblading or Machine Work?

Both the procedures are great concerning results that entirely depend on the person performing the treatment and the skin type of the client. If you are from the oily skin type team, microblading from a prestigious professional would be a great option for you, while the dry skin women can choose machine work anytime.

The Final Verdict

Both Machine Work and Microblading involve needles, which means they will induce some pain on the client’s skin. There is honestly no comparison of the pain because everyone’s tolerance to pain differs from one another.

However, the best choice is to visit a dermatologist and examine your skin before opting for any semi-permanent or permanent skin treatment.