Lash Enhancement Versus Eyeliner Tattoos: Which is Right for You?

Looking beautiful comes with its own hassles. We have all been through the struggle of waking up super early to put on every single item in our makeup kit for a special day, followed by the endless hours spent taking off the cosmetics from our skin at the end of the day. In particular, eye makeup can be a nuisance for people who have less time to get ready or suffer from shaky hands while applying eyeliner and mascara.

Eyes are considered to be the gateway to our souls. So, it is natural to want your eyes to sparkle at every moment throughout the day. What if there could be a seamless way to beautify our eyes without putting any effort every day? This is where we get to see the magic of innovative beauty trends like lash enhancement and eyeliner tattoos. Read on to know which option is best for you:

What is a lash enhancement tattoo?

One of the latest beauty trends is a lash enhancement tattoo. It can be used to give your eyes that extra pop of glamour. Lash enhancement tattoos make excellent use of the micro-blading technique. Although micro-blading has been traditionally used to give a fuller volume to eyebrows, it has been modified to be equally suitable for making your lashes look more voluminous.

Using a cutting-edge tool, small amounts of pigment are applied to your lash line in this technique. It fills in the gaps between every individual eyelash on your lash line. Consequently, it creates the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes, making your eyes look enigmatic. This is an excellent cosmetic procedure for people who suffer from low eyelash density or a medical condition like alopecia.

What is an eyeliner tattoo?

Another very popular eye beauty trend is the eyeliner tattoo. Gone are the days when you would have to struggle with the fidgety pointe end of a liquid liner and end up looking like a koala bear, trying to even out the dreaded winged liner on both eyelids. Eyeliner tattoos can give you a semi-permanent liner style of your preference.

As the name suggests, this cosmetic procedure involves imprinting ink on the eyelid’s first skin layer. This is a completely safe procedure. It is semi-permanent in nature and the ink gradually fades over time. This is convenient for adjusting to aging skin and the need to change up your eyeliner style. According to your choice, the technician can use any color of ink and style of eyeliner on your eyelids with an eyeliner tattoo.

Which one should you choose?

Now that you have a fair idea of both procedures, it is time to choose which option works best for you. It completely depends on your preference and the kind of permanency as well as the style you would like to go for. Typically, lash enhancement tattoos offer a subtle look and accentuate your eyes beautifully. The darker lash line is suitable for everyone, irrespective of skin tone. If you are going for an understated yet smoldering everyday look, a lash enhancement tattoo is definitely the thing for you.

On the other hand, an eyeliner tattoo is a much more dynamic and bold option. You can have access to a variety of styles and color options. Whether you want to opt for a cat eye, a fine winged liner or a fishtail liner is completely on you. It can make your eyes pop and add a more prominent element of glamor to your appearance.

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