How Facials with Light Can Treat Your Skin?

LED Light Treatment

When we think of LED lights, lamps and fairy lights are some of the common applications that come to our minds. Most of us still are oblivious to the fact that LED lights can also help us with our skincare issues.

LED means light-emitting diode which was used by NASA originally for recovery and healing in space. Looking at its success, LED became popular in the beauty and aesthetics industry. So, what is LED skin therapy, what are its benefits, and what is it used for? Let’s understand how different LED colors work to deal with various skin issues.

What LED colors are used?

Red and blue are the most common colors for LED therapy that are opted by patients for getting their skin treated at a clinic. However, there are other colors as well that you can try at home. Let’s look at some of the most popular LED colors.

LED Blue Light for Treating Acne

LED blue light therapy is widely used by patients across the globe to treat acne-prone skin. People with acne-prone skin are often self-conscious about how their skin looks or unhappy with the complex skincare process to prevent it from getting worse. This is where LED blue light therapy comes in. This treatment directly acts on the acne-causing bacteria and reduces acne inflammation. Moreover, it also helps to minimize previous acne marks and prevents new spotting.

You can use the LED blue light therapy on your face, decolletage, neck, and hands. The treatment usually takes around 20 minutes with no downtime. To get the best results, we recommend opting for 3 sessions each week over two weeks. However, this time period may differ from person to person depending on your skin condition. Consult your LED therapy practitioner about your skin issue and the results you are seeking to schedule your treatment sessions accurately.


LED Red Light for Rejuvenating Skin

Red LED light has proved to be extremely effective when it comes to repairing damaged skin. But how does it work to treat your skin? Well, red light promotes growth factors that help to repair skin damage. It accelerates collagen production which helps to make your skin softer and smoother from within. Moreover, if you are looking for a skin treatment that will reduce signs of aging, then opt for LED red light therapy. It will not only make your skin appear younger but also eliminate all fine lines and wrinkles from your face.

The LED light treatment comes with no downtime and takes only 20 minutes. However, you won’t get any drastic improvement in your skin just after a single session. Patients must take 2-3 sessions each week in the first few weeks to accelerate the benefits. Moreover, LED red light therapy is completely painless and doesn’t involve any use of an anesthetic.

LED Amber Light Therapy for Calming Redness

Amber light comes with amazing skin benefits which makes it an important part of LED skin therapy. So, which patients need to opt for LED amber light skin therapy? Well, if you have excessive redness on your face, neck, or other body parts, you can opt for this treatment.

LED amber light skin therapy helps to treat skin issues associated with redness like pesky spider veins or rosacea. This treatment is ideal for people having sensitive skin as it helps to soothe your skin.

Moreover, LED amber light skin therapy accelerates your lymphatic flow to eliminate all waste and make your skin look brighter. It will also improve cellular growth to help you achieve healthier skin from within.

LED Green Light Therapy for Providing an Even Skin Tone

Most people struggle with pigmentation problems but few know how to deal with them. LED green light therapy works great to even out your skin tone. Whether you have freckles, brown spots, age spots, or hyperpigmentation, green light therapy can help you with it all!

Greenlight helps to prevent the excess production of melanin which is responsible for providing pigmentation to our skin. With reduced melanin, your skin will have less pigmentation, even skin tone, and brighter skin. Moreover, you can use it to treat dark circles.

LED Therapy at a Clinic vs at Home

You may be tempted to buy LED at-home therapy masks as they are easily available. But which is going to provide better results – at-home masks or visiting a clinic? At-home masks may deliver some great results but they don’t provide intensive results as provided by professionals. When you visit a clinic, your skin concern will be treated by a fully trained practitioner who will understand which LED color therapy your skin needs and for how long. After completing all the required sessions at a clinic, you will be able to see visible results that you can’t get out of at-home LED masks.