Can Permanent Makeup be Removed?

How to remove permanent makeup

Can Permanent Makeup be Removed?

Cosmetic tattoos have been increasingly becoming popular in recent years. This in turn is causing bad permanent makeup to become more common among people. Whether it’s a case of a bad cosmetic tattoo or faded permanent makeup, there are various ways to remove permanent makeup.

However, permanent makeup is often hard to remove owing to the organic compounds that get blended with your natural skin tone.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup, a cosmetic tattooing procedure is used by artists to create the illusion of natural makeup on clients. The pigments are injected deep into your skin using microneedles to make the cosmetic tattoo long-lasting. However, many people often end up unhappy with the results of permanent makeup and start to regret their decision.

Though permanent makeup may fade over time from sun exposure or other factors, it does not fade entirely. Permanent makeup is quite hard and expensive to remove. Moreover, each removal procedure comes with its own set of risks.

Why Remove Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos?

Permanent makeup is often the best option for clients who wish to enhance their facial features. It allows people to have a long-lasting and natural makeup look without the need for constant touch-ups. This makes cosmetic tattoos an appealing procedure to people who want a natural and quick way to look good throughout the day.

However, several things can go wrong with permanent makeup. Most patients complain that the pigments look too harsh on their skin or the shapes appear irregular or the tattoo looks smudged. More severe problems include allergic reactions or infections.

Moreover, people often feel that their cosmetic tattoo no longer suits the latest trends. Their permanent makeup may not look as natural as when it was initially done.

Methods to Remove Permanent Makeup

Before undergoing any cosmetic tattoo procedure, you should carefully analyze all the aspects. Due to the permanent nature of the pigment, permanent makeup often becomes impossible to remove. However, you can still opt for a permanent makeup removal process if you badly need it.

Tattoo Removal Creams

This is a topical permanent makeup removal process. Some people claim that regularly using tattoo removal creams would help you to fade the cosmetic tattoos over time. However, there are yet no clinical studies to support this claim.

These removal creams claim to remove permanent makeup by peeling off or bleaching the topmost layer of the skin. However, since the pigment is injected deep into the dermis of your skin, these creams are ineffective in completely removing the cosmetic tattoos.


Surgical skin planing or Dermabrasion is a popular treatment that helps to improve the skin of your face. This treatment will help to remove the top as well as the middle layer of the skin containing the pigment

This procedure has a recovery period of around 2-3 weeks and requires the client to avoid sun exposure during the healing period.

Salt-Saline Procedure

This method is often called “controlled scabbing”. Your makeup artist will tattoo a salt and saline solution on top of the unwanted permanent makeup directly. However, this process runs the risk of scarring more than laser treatment.

This salt-saline procedure is safe on all skin types and comes with fewer risks of hyperpigmentation. The skin may appear pink or slightly red in the first few days. However, your natural skin tone will be back once the skin is reformed.


In laser treatments pulses of light are used to break the pigment under your skin. The results depend on the wavelength of light and the type of laser used. Lasers are a common method of removing permanent makeup but they can often turn the makeup black.

UNDOTM Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Non-laser tattoo removal is a three-step procedure to safely remove permanent makeup. At Estetique, you will find an effective permanent makeup removal procedure that is free from harsh acids and saline. UNDOTM removes the risks associated with the laser cosmetic removal process and is incredibly gentle on your skin.

Summing Up

The results, costs, and healing period depend on the type of permanent makeup removal process you have opted for. You must work with a renowned artist to ensure that you have a pain-free removal experience.